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Diego Pérez - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Mexico City, 1975)

Diego Pérez’ multidisciplinary practice continuously plays with the idea of borders, either regarding the limits that divide art from other sorts of objects, those that divide art from the wider public, or those that separate contemplation from experimentation. The artist articulates a sculptural imagination in which every material is an inexhaustible source of forms whose relationships do not end in the work, but extend towards environment and spectator alike.

Having started his career in Photography, Pérez has oriented his work towards the public life of objects, fomenting, with humor and an affinity for fantasy, an inquiry about social relationships that assign meaning to the artworks. It is in everyday life where a chair becomes a shelf, or where a box transforms into a plant pot; the art-life border is constituted and dissolved in the conjunction of public space, work and spectator.

According to Pérez, it is important to let imagination and daydream flow, because that is where the contact among apparently separate fields is produced between artist and artisan, connoisseur, casual observer and so on.

Diego Pérez currently lives and works in Mexico City.