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Oswaldo Vigas: Transformations @ Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art presents the exhibition Oswaldo Vigas: Transformations, the first American exhibition of the artist Oswaldo Vigas (1923-2014). Organized by the Grand Rapids Art Museum and in collaboration with the Oswaldo Vigas Foundation, the exhibition examines Vigas's influential career and his contributions to 20th century modernism.

Through more than 60 works, including paintings and a selection of drawings and sketches, the works on view illustrate the scope of Vigas’ projects, from studio painter to muralist, as well as the transformation of his pieces and style throughout the decades, going through spiritual and emotional issues and the natural landscape of Venezuela. In the same way, along the exhibition it is possible to perceive the influence of artistic movements in his work such as cubism, constructivism and geometric abstraction.

The exhibition will be open from January 31 to May 27, 2019.