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Eva Berendes - 艺术家 - GALERÍA RGR

(Bonn, Germany, 1974)

Eva Berendes is a multidisciplinary artist that focuses her work on painting and sculpture. Her practice is based on history, abstract painting, and artistry. Berendes expands the meaning of 'abstraction', tackling different styles, political movements, and historical events. The artist creates a discourse where the lines between fine arts, design, and craftsmanship are blurred, coexisting as a whole. 

With solid colors, varied textures, and geometric symmetry, in her work Berendes references Russian Suprematism, the Bauhaus, and Kinetic Art. She is also greatly influenced by Memphis furniture and the eighties aesthetics. 

The emphasis on flowing forms, color, and sensual surfaces plays a large part in her ongoing investigation to transmit the viewer a feeling of openness while gracefully integrating the multiple contexts she evokes. Her exuberant, colorful and geometric, fabric curtains embody a new genre between functional and abstract. In addition, her sewed pieces serve as a metaphor for women's work as a painstaking effort to hold things together. 

The contextual Formalism in Berendes' processes questions the components of image creation. Materials such as rubber, wood, paper, dried leaf, plasticine, lemon net, i.e., follow her careful experimentation with mundane objects reimagining the possibilities of painting and sculpture. 

Berendes lives and works in Berlin.