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Opening Kuboa installation by Julio Le Parc @ Tabakalera, San Sebastián

The artist Julio Le Parc (Argentina, 1928) inaugurated on September 10, 2020 the Kuboa installation at Plaza de la Tabakalera, in San Sebastián, Spain. 

Kuboa, means cube in Basque. Consist in a mobile measuring 11 meters in diameter, made up by 2,660 pieces of polished stainless steel and weighing one tonne. The piece was created in situ for the hall of the Tabakalera, a former tobacco factory that for five years has served as the International Center of Contemporary Culture where different projects and cultural institutions work. 

Le Parc is one of the most prominent artists of our time, a pioneer of kinetic art and whose work has approached geometry, mechanics and movement as axes of investigation.