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Behind the scenes, Elias Crespin @ Louvre, Paris

This video, made by the Musée du Louvre, is an approach to the creative process of Elias Crespin for the elaboration of the piece L’Onde du Midi. The artist narrates the way he selected the space of the museum, the colors and the movement of his work; as well as a revision of the concepts that make it possible for him to materialize “music comprehensible by the eyes,” which allows the attendees to take a contemplative posture due to the small pause that Crespin’s work adds to their tour.

Discover the behind the scenes that enabled the creation of this mobile sculpture, made up of 128 parallel aligned cylindrical tubes and installed in the prestigious Escalier du Midi. The work continues a long tradition of these emblematic site in which it is commissioned to seek for artworks and installations that create a dialoge with its architecture.