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Mercedes Azpilicueta - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(La Plata, Argentina, 1981)

Mercedes Azpilicueta is an artist best known for her language-based works who calls herself a dishonest researcher.

Through extensive research work, from art history to popular music, from literature to street culture, her work brings together diverse figures from the past and present, and reflects on their dissident trajectories including their voices, forms, texts, traces and memories in a multi-layered work. Far from falling into cold reverence or archival fascination, her work successfully addresses the body with all its defects and potential embracing its fragility, as well as its capacity for resistance and care.

Azpilicueta’s practice has recently evolved towards exploring the theatrical possibilities of sculpture and installation. Disguised as sculptures, her pieces should not be taken for granted, as they have the potential to be activated in various ways such as scores, sets, props, mnemonic devices or records.