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Gunther Gerzso - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Mexico City, 1915 - 2000)

Born in Mexico City to a Hungarian Jewish father and a German mother, Gunther Gerzso was one of the most significant Mexican avant-garde artists of the 20th century who made substantial contributions to both Surrealism and geometric abstraction through his paintings, sculptures, and prints. He was close to the Surrealist group of artists who moved to Mexico during the war, particularly to the couple of Benjamin Péret and Remedios Varo.

He was Influenced by pre-Columbian art and architecture as well as the landscape of Mexico, His early works such as L’ecartelé (1944) drew from and expanded upon the tendencies of European Surrealists, moving closer to abstraction while his later works, such as Rojo-Amarillo-Azul (1969) and Tierra Caliente (1987), moved even further away from pictorial representation; they are generally characterized by vivid colors and sharply defined patterns of overlapping rectilinear planes, suggestive of both architectural forms and the landscapes Gerzso admired.

Gerzso passed away in 2000 in Mexico City.