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Darío Escobar - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Guatemala City, 1971)

Darío Escobar studied Architecture. His work is characterized by formal and conceptual research on objects and its insertion in visual arts and art history. Escobar’s oeuvre constantly challenges the viewer to reconsider the central relationships in contemporary life: our bond with mass culture, the elaboration of new identities through consumerism and the questioning of "the popular" and “the cultured”; how produced objects that invade our everyday life make us reflect about our own role in the social, political and economic systems that support our existence.

Since the late nineties, Escobar has used a wide range of everyday industrial and consumer products: McDonald’s cups, cereal boxes, vulcanized wheels, car bumpers and sportswear of different kinds to build a continuous dialogue with reality and global consumerism. Also, it has incorporated an extensive conversation with the object’s development through the times. 

Darío Escobar lives and works between Mexico City and Guatemala.