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Oswaldo Vigas (Estate) - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Valencia, Venezuela, 1923 - Caracas, Venezuela, 2014)

Oswaldo Vigas is one of the most prominent Venezuelan artists in Latin American Art History. Vigas´ work merges avant-garde formal concerns with the modern recovery of American identities. While his Latin American contemporaries in Paris found in movement and optical phenomena the answers to the meaning of Modern art, Vigas turned to Surrealism and Figuration.

The self-taught artist rooted his work on Venezuelan visual culture and primitivist aesthetic. In that sense, Abstraction turned into a way of representing invisible and spiritual worlds, and in a way to establish connections between divergent times and contexts, using folklore as the key of the universal experience shared by humanity. 

Vigas´ oeuvre is a counterpart to the nineteen fifties Latin American Art movements born in Paris. Nevertheless, his work still maintains shared traditions common to other contemporaries who aimed to reinterpret Modern art  from a  regional/national angle, such as Roberto Matta, Wifredo Lam or Rufino Tamayo.